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*Posted: 8/20/13 - 7:52am EST*
I figured I owed the fans an explanation as to why in the hell the Network has been down for so damn long. If you've been following our Facebook page, you know why. If not, then I'll go ahead and let you in on exactly why the Network has ceased to exist for the past few months. To put it bluntly, during my time off from streaming I got a virus on my computer and it completely wiped everything clean from it and the computer itself is not usable. The bone in all of this is that my Hard Drive, on the infected computer is what stored all my ECW shit (TV, PPVs, Super Cards Etc.) as well as some of my shoots. That is one bone thrown my way which is one of a few reasons why the Network hasn't returned yet. Another reason is that I quite frankly got burned out for awhile and wanted to take a break (which I did). When the time came to return, that is when the virus bullsh*t went down and I had to buy a new computer. I hope this answers our most popular question over the past few months.

Our partners over at HOH Network are still streaming the Extreme content you all like to see and you can check them out on Channel 2! Extreme Network will be returning to the airwaves sooner than later, that we assure you! I am ready to get things rolling again but it will take some time to get the shit I need to get it back up and running. Rest assured though, I do own a external hard drive and I have 90% of the wrestling I own saved on it, so the only big loss is about half my shoots and the ECW shit.

We are also working on something new to bring to everyone through our network but I don't want to give away any details yet because its not confirmed and I don't want to hype something until we know 100% that its confirmed but if all works out in the end, I think wrestling fans will enjoy it a lot. I am going to try and keep this shit updated the best I can as we move forward but we all have lives and work and other shit that gets in the way some times. Nonetheless, as I said and I will say it again, no matter what EXTREME NETWORK WILL NOT DIE! Keep checking back for more updates from The Extreme Webmaster!

~The Extreme Webmaster!
*Posted: 8/20/13 -9:46am EST*
"Triple H - before and after the internet wrestling community had a riot"

I watched Sunday's SummerSlam PPV again and I have to say it wasn't that bad of a show. Of course, the ending tainted it for many but all in all it was a damn good presentation by WWE. The Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena matches were both tremendous matches and the under card itself wasn't that bad either. The first half of the PPV really didn't catch my attention to much to be honest, the Ring of Fire match was a let down and the Diva matches are meaningless but the rest of the card held up strong enough. To pick a match of the night, I'd go with Punk/Lesnar, and only because I feel that match was booked 100% perfectly as far as spots go and as far as what went down during the match. If you want a good wrestling match - check out Bryan/Cena - this was a brawl and it caught my attention better than any of the other matches/segments on the show. The spots with Heyman were great and he played a great manager, as always. The finish is what got many people riled up, "How could WWE DARE to have CM Punk lose to Brock Lesnar?! A part timer!!". I will share with you the unpopular truth; CM Punk isn't in the same league as Brock Lesnar as far as popularity. Sure, Punk is an amazing wrestler and Brock may not be the best of them all but, and a big BUT, he's more popular which means when it all is said and done, Brock Lesnar brings the WWE more cash and that is all they are looking for is that sweet green bread (not that moldy ass bread either). As much as I like and enjoy Punk, that is something I, and everyone else will have to accept. Lets move on shall we... We get to the big main event which is centered around Cena defending his WWE Title against the "underdog" in Daniel Bryan (who is over as fuck if you haven't been paying much attention). The match had a wildcard though, with Triple H being the Special Referee, which led almost immediately to speculation that it would be a Screwjob ending of some sort. We get to SummerSlam and what we thought is what we get - Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title for the first time before being "screwed" by Triple H which allowed Randy Orton - the Money in the Bank briefcase holder to cash in that briefcase and win his 20th World Championship (not literally 20 of course, but its some ridiculous number). Fans got what they wanted though - Daniel Bryan won the WWE Title (if even for under 5 minutes) and Randy Orton finally turned heel.

This led into last night's RAW which I caught live and brought us to Cena announcing he's leaving (don't get to happy cause he'll be back) and bringing Bryan out. This led to Stephanie coming out and the two bickering for a few before Steph had security throw Bryan out. Later in the show, Bryan returned and was called out by HHH/Vince/Steph/Randy in the ring during Orton's championship ceremony (whatever the fuck they called it) and before Bryan could make it in the ring he got beat down by The Corporation 26.0's corporate bitches The Shield who dismantled him and left him for dead. Trips decided it wasn't enough though, so he called for Bryan to enter the ring and when he did the burying continued as Orton hit his signature RKO (signature like that pharmacy list good ol-Orton was on). This ended RAW and from what I've read after RAW went off the air Bryan was beat down again by The Shield before being saved by Big Slow, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry. What exactly did it accomplish though is what I ask. What did it accomplish?

I'll tell you - absolutely nothing at all. If you didn't see for your own eyes (or eye or whatever the fuck) when Orton hit the ring he was already getting heat from the crowd. So you can't say "well Orton had to get his heat" cause the fans hated his guts already (for the most part) for cashing in the night before on Bryan. Of course, there are those few who didn't see that PPV, but WWE shows so many goddamn replays on TV of the shit I don't know how anyone couldn't have seen it, much less the fuckin' people in the crowd. All this did was take the guy who is currently the most over guy on TV (that guy being Daniel Bryan, cause Mr. 5 Moves of Doom is taking a vacation due to injury) and you squash him like a bug, not once but TWICE in a row. I will say one thing, the beat down could have been a shit ton worse of course, he could have completely gotten buried but from the way I look at it, he didn't get all the way buried but they sure as hell took a shovel, dug the hole and started to fill him in it. I'm almost 100% positive in the end this will completely pay off for Bryan (and he will win the WWE Title again, don't worry) but currently the future isn't looking so bright for the bearded one especially if the burials continue. Lets hope Triple H and Vince get their heads out of their asses and realize squashing their most over character isn't "right for business", sure that was a typical heel McMahon-esque promo but it still holds true. As for The Shield, they seem to all be talented guys but are becoming the corporate hired bodyguard/bitches for the McMahon (at least from what went down on RAW which leads to this speculation from me) which isn't good for them either unless this somehow benefits them in the end. I don't see The Shield working right as a babyface team, actually I'm certain that a babyface team wouldn't work with them (if I'm wrong then so be it) so there isn't much they can gain out of this other than being labeled as the guys who do the work for the McMahons, never to be the top dogs just the top dogs hired bitch. Lets see how this turns out. With no Cena on my television screen I might be a little more inclined to tune in on RAW every Monday and try and keep up with it again. A few notes I will just go through before I end this review/rant/randomness is the following: Brad Maddox is a terrible talker, please WWE - get rid of this guy as the GM. I almost would rather have Mike Adamle over him. Maddox isn't a bad worker, in ring wise, as I watched his career from 08-10 in OVW as he was "Beefy Wellington", so in ring work isn't his problem, its his mic work that irritates me. Fire him as GM, drop his current stuff and just put him on the roster. I could care less where he goes from there because I don't see him ever being the next Stone Cold as far as popularity so he's a mid card - curtain jerker at best act if you ask me. Take all the Divas off TV and put them in acting school of some sort. These bitches are the worst actors I have seen. The promos with The Bellas and The Funkawhateverthefuck are humorous because of the terrible acting. Its hard to take them seriously and after seeing it on a weekly basis.  I am not too interested cause of the shitty acting in ever watching their Total Divas show despite them shoving it down our throat. Last but not least, I want to say that above all RAW has been a lot more entertaining in past weeks than usual (that is, of course, this fuckers point of view) so I hope they keep the roll going and keep my interest. Keep checking back as I will continue to update this shit whenever I have the time to.

~The Extreme Webmaster!


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